Tanning Tips For Winter Skin

Yes, we do have a winter season here in California. Although we may not experience below zero temperatures, the cold we experience does send us running indoors with the heater blasting! This can cause several skin concerns that can impact the effectiveness or appearance of a spray tan. Let’s go over a few so we know how to address them. We want your glow to be as FLAWLESS as possible.

  1. Dry skin. (A spray tan’s worst enemy, IMO). Winter air tends to be dry, which can lead to dry, flaky skin. Dry skin can cause the tan to appear patchy or uneven, as the tanning solution may cling to dry patches.
  2. Uneven texture. (Ugh!) Cold weather can exacerbate uneven skin texture, such as rough patches or areas of dryness. The tanning solution may settle unevenly on the skin, resulting in a blotchy or streaky tan.
  3. Lack of moisture. (Cracked knuckles, anyone?) Cold temperatures and indoor heating can strip moisture from the skin, leading to dehydration. Properly hydrated skin holds onto the tan better and allows for a more even application.
  4. Pale or dull complexion. (Truly, the worst). Many people experience a paler or duller complexion in winter due to reduced sun exposure. A spray tan can help counteract this, but it’s important to choose the right shade to avoid an unnatural or overly dark appearance. Don’t worry babe, I got you! I’ll be sure to help provide the right shade for YOU.
  5. Exfoliation. (Music to my ears). Dry winter skin may benefit from regular exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and promote a smoother surface for the tan. However, excessive exfoliation or harsh exfoliating products can strip away the tan prematurely. I like to suggest exfoliation daily or every other day the week leading up to your spray tan appointment, followed by a thick moisturizer. This will do WONDERS!
  6. Sensitive skin. (The struggle!) Some individuals may experience increased sensitivity or irritation in their skin during the winter months, which could be exacerbated by the tanning solution or other products used in the spray tan process. It is VITAL you help educate your spray tan artist on your individual needs so that we may better help you.

To mitigate these concerns and ensure a successful spray tan in winter, it’s essential to properly prepare the skin beforehand by exfoliating gently, moisturizing regularly and addressing any dry patches or texture issues. Keep these things in mind when you are preparing your skin for a winter bronzed glow!

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